Senator Don Oliver Studio – Dalhousie arts Centre

The Senator Don Oliver Studio is a new state of the art practice and teaching studio designed to inspire musicians to higher levels of creativity and collaboration. In February 2020, Wade made a gift to the Dalhousie Performing Arts Campaign to honour Senator Oliver’s extensive ties to Dalhousie and celebrate his lifelong connection to the arts.

When The Honourable Don Oliver (LLB ‘64), retired Senator, met Wade Dawe at a business conference in 2009, he could not have imagined it would lead to a lifelong friendship, much less a gift made by Dawe to the Dalhousie Performing Arts Campaign in Senator Oliver’s name.


“I know Wade believes in giving back, and he has done amazing things in support of the community, but it still took me by surprise that he thought to do something like this,” says Oliver. “Most people go through life without being touched by that kind of unselfish generosity and I feel very blessed to have him as a friend.”

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